I will never be a victim to my past

I have learnt over the years to never let my past make me a victim to my present and future
The most important thing for me is to never to be ashamed of my past

Fotr its a part of me without it I am nothing
I wouldn’t be who I am
Its a hard lesson to learn
we all go through it at sometime in our lives
It moulds  me
It strengthens me

It makes me see the good in others as well as myself…IMG_20171228_143630.jpg


No going back

fb_img_1532851257393I have learned that being the age I am isn’t so bad
It isn’t a hindrance as some seem to think , it Isn’t a road block
It Isn’t a mountain I can’t climb
its a mountain I can climb and have  done
Its a blessing to be old
Its a freedom
I can get on buses for free

Go to movies, walk to town , dress the way I want to
Its joy of being who I am at  62
learning, seeing  the beauty around me ,loving the person I see in front of me
Not who I was then but who I am now.
Seeing the butterfly emerge from the cocoon
People come and go but the friends that really know you for who you are Stand by your side  through thick and thin
They call you up just to say hi  , I love you
Four walls don’t have to be a prison
its the person inside you that makes it that way
You and you alone have the key to open those doors and say to the  fear Solitude , Sadness , Loneiness  I  don’t  need or want you in my life
I AM FREE . …….. to walk out that door and never look back
Past is gone
Present is here
Future is yet to come